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CJ 밸런스밀 스위트 오트밀
CJ 밸런스밀 스위트 오트밀  CJ 밸런스밀 스위트 오트밀  CJ 밸런스밀 스위트 오트밀  CJ 밸런스밀 스위트 오트밀  CJ 밸런스밀 스위트 오트밀

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CJ CJ 밸런스밀 스위트 오트밀

정상가: ₩7,500할인 37%
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CJ 밸런스밀 스윗오트

Processed bean products (USA separated soybean protein, lecithin), skimmed milk protein (Canadian), crystal fructose, whole grain 6 grain powder (brown rice: domestic, soybean: US, barley, oat: Canadian, millet, sorghum), chicory Dietary fiber, roasted oat powder (oats: from Canada), whole milk powder, mixed milk powder (skim milk powder, whey), oat crunch granola [oat balls {oat powder (oats: from Canada)}, lentil balls, rolled oats (USA) ), brown sugar, coconut powder], multigrain flakes, butter oil powder, roasted soybean powder, oat dietary fiber (Germany), alpha powder, almond powder, mixed formulation {calcium phosphate, vitamin C, vitamin E mixed formulation powder (DL-α-tocopheryl acetate, modified starch, glucose syrup powder, silicon dioxide), ferrous fumarate, nicotinic acid amide, powdered vitamin A mixture (glucose syrup powder, corn starch, gum arabic, vitamin A acetate, vitamin E), Zinc oxide, vitamin B6 hydrochloride, vitamin B1 hydrochloride, vitamin B2, folic acid}, coconut cream powder, guar gum, glucomannan , xylitol, refined salt, steviol glycosides

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